A/B Testing Results 

  • The Environmental Vegan Facts were more impactful at the end of ordering, then during the ordering process.

“I was paying more attention to my food order than the Vegan Facts.”


  • The Environmental Vegan Fact was more impactful when we added it to the Confirmation Page.

  • Users felt that the home and cart icons felt more intuitive on the right side vs the left.

“I'm used to seeing the cart on the right side of the screen.”


  • Users also preferred to create their account as they were checking out vs before adding items to their cart.

“I don't like to create an account before ordering.”


  • They also felt that there was too much friction when confirming their order. They commented that seeing a confirmation page twice was enough.

“I don't need to see the order again because I already confirmed it twice.”


We also tested for the visual look and feel of the Navigation and Home page design. 

Version A

Version B

User's hands down, preferred Version A. Their reasons included:

  • They preferred the centered, clean Title and Menu 

  • Really like the textured background vs the solid background

  • Liked the large CTA button